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2005, December 19
The Iconizer Studio is pleased to announce that it has teamed up to produce our first web application:
'pagesoup' aims to bring together the best of web 2.0 under one roof. Is it a blog? Is it a social site? No Nether! It will take a quite boring idea that we have all been groaning about recently and will turn it on its head!
2004, February 21
We received several emails complaining that the G5 icons in the wwdc 2003 icon set had a bug while using them on the desktop. Well, the WWDC2003 icon set now contains the appropriate working G5 icons. And you can download just the G5 icons here.
2004, January 26
We're proud to announce our new and fresh website. Some sections are not available yet, but will be soon.
2004, January 24
We finally have a new icon collection: Springs, available in Mac, Windows, iContainer and PNG formats. Check it out!
2003, August 1
More than 15,000 copies of WWDC 2003 icons have been downloaded in a month. Smart Set X over 10,000 dowloads. Refurbished Drives over 7,000 downloads. Over a million icons downloaded the last month. Thanks everybody!
2003, June 23
New icon collection coming directly from San Francisco. The new G5, iSight and Panther icons in WWDC 2003 New stuff. We're the first icon-makers releasing G5 icons.
2003, May 24
New icon collection: Refurbished drives. A new and enhanced version of the traditional Apple drive icons to renew your desktop a little bit.
2003, April 5
We've enhanced the navigation bar of the website.
And added some FAQs that can be really helpful.
2003, April 2
We've posted an enhanced version of our popular Smart Aqua Folders called Smart Set X including folders, drives and various icons more. You can use it with CandyBar. This is our Pixelpalooza 2003 entry.
2003, February 18
We have a brand new section in Iconizer's website: Extras. Where we pretend to store various kinds of stuff like links, and anything that just don't feet in another section.
We also fixed some bugs with Safari and Netscape that made the website look ugly.
And added an IconShop Tab for easyer access. The way the orders are handled has been enhanced as well.

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